Confirm Reservation Delivery

The OTA_NotifReportRQ message is sent by the PMS to HotelRunner in order to confirm the delivery of one of more reservations, modifications or cancellations. If a reservation, modification or cancellation is not confirmed as delivered it will continue to be delivered to the PMS in response to the OTA_ReadRQ message. Please note that confirming the delivery of a reservation does not necessarily mean that the reservation was successfully created in the PMS. The OTA_NotifReportRQ message allows for confirming a delivery which was erroneous.


Note that a OTA_NotifReportRQ must contain either a Success or an Errors element. If multiple reservations were processed and both a success and an error message need to be returned then two OTA_NotifReportRQ messages need to be sent. One containing the Success element and ids for the successfully processed reservations and one containing the Errors and ids for the reservations that failed to process.

Example of PMS confirming the delivery of a reservation what was processed successfully

* The presence of the element indicates that the reservation was created in the PMS * The UniqueID element informs HotelRunner which reservation message is being confirmed * The HotelReservationID holds the ID of the newly created reservation in the PMS
<OTA_NotifReportRQ xmlns="" Version="1.0" TimeStamp="2016-04-01T12:31:47+03:00" EchoToken="echo-1903">
        <HotelReservation CreateDateTime="2016-01-01T13:14:09">
          <UniqueID Type="16" ID="14121990"/>
              <HotelReservationID ResID_Type="14" ResID_Value="PMS-14091903"/>