Retrieve Reservations

This endpoint is used to retrieve reservations via pagination.



// Example Request Snippet for JavaScript XHR

var data = null;

var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
xhr.withCredentials = true;

xhr.addEventListener("readystatechange", function () {
  if (this.readyState === 4) {
});"GET", "{TOKEN}&hr_id={HR_ID}");
xhr.setRequestHeader("cache-control", "no-cache");


The above command returns JSON structured like this:

  "reservations": [
          "hr_number": "R754208185",
          "provider_number": null,
          "channel": "online",
          "channel_display": "Online",
          "state": "confirmed",
          "modified": false,
          "guest": "John Doe",
          "cancel_reason": null,
          "completed_at": "2015-01-21T10:01:25Z",
          "updated_at": "2015-01-21T09:02:51Z",
          "sub_total": 185.0,
          "extras_total": 45.0,
          "adjustments_total": 0.0,
          "tax_total": 15.0,
          "total": 245.0,
          "currency": "EUR",
          "checkin_date": "2015-01-11",
          "checkout_date": "2015-01-12",
          "note": null,
          "payment": "credit_card",
          "paid_amount": 245.0,
          "requires_response": true,
          "address": {
            "city": "istanbul",
            "state": "",
            "country": "Turkey",
            "country_code": "TR",
            "phone": "90955223454",
            "email": "",
            "street": "Bagdat Cad. Istanbul",
            "street_2": null
          "rooms": [
              "state": "confirmed",
              "rate_code": "HR:10105",
              "inv_code": "HR:10105",
              "price": 200.0,
              "non_refundable": false,
              "nights": 1,
              "total_guest": 2,
              "total_adult": 2,
              "child_ages": [

              "name": "Queen Room - Disability Access - Deluxe Rate",
              "checkin_date": "2015-01-11",
              "checkout_date": "2015-01-12",
              "extra_info": "Room Extra Info:Modern bir şekilde dekore edilmiş bu stüdyoda çalışma masası ve özel banyo bulunmaktadır.\nMeal Plan:Kahvaltı oda fiyatına dahildir.\nNon-Smoking Room",
              "daily_prices": [
                  "date": "2015-01-11",
                  "price": "200.0"
              "extras": [
                  "name": "Airport Transfer (1 Person)",
                  "price": "45.0"
          "message_uid": "bda9c306bd790e022afc107a8a816966"
  "count": 1,
  "current_page": 1,
  "pages": 1

Query Parameters

Parameter Default Required Description
from_date 10 days before No Format: YYYY-MM-DD. If provided, reservations that were created after this date will be retrieved. (Max: 30 days before)
from_last_update_date - No Format: YYYY-MM-DD. If provided, reservations that were updated after this date will be retrieved.
per_page 10 No Number of reservations per page.
page 1 No Number of current page. (Use this parameter only with 'undelivered=false' parameter)
reservation_number - No Used to get a specific reservation. It can be either HotelRunner or Channel reservation code.
undelivered true No By default, HotelRunner returns only undelivered reservations in response.
modified false No If set to true, HotelRunner will return only modified reservations.
booked false No If set to true, HotelRunner will return only new reservations.

Reservation Object

Name Description
hr_number Reservation code on HotelRunner
provider_number Reservation code on Sales Channel (can be blank*)
channel Sales channel code
channel_display Sales channel name
state Reservation status on HotelRunner (reserved,confirmed, canceled)*
modified Indicates that whether the reservation has been modified after your last activity.
guest Guest name, who made the reservation
cancel_reason Cancel reason (can be blank*)
completed_at The time that shows when HotelRunner received the reservation (UTC)
updated_at The time that shows when HotelRunner received the latest update (UTC)
sub_total Sub total (tax not included)
extras_total Extras total (tax not included)
adjustments_total Adjustments total (Price adjustments total that made by Property Admin)
tax_total Tax total
total Grand total
currency Currency (ISO-4217)
checkin_date Check-in Date
checkout_date Check-out Date
note Guest note (can be blank*)
payment Payment method information (credit_card, bank_transfer, cash, paypal)
paid_amount Paid amount.
requires_response Indicates the ability of a PMS that can be able to send state updates or not.
address See address json structure.
rooms > inv_code Inventory Code (Allocation group).
rooms > rate_code Rate Code.
rooms > state The line item state in reservation. (reserved,confirmed, canceled)*
rooms > price Total price without tax (BeforeTax).
rooms > total Total price (AfterTax).

*blank: Empty or Null

*payment: We don't share credit card information.

*reserved: Initial state of reservation.

*confirmed: Next state of reservation when Hotelier confirms it.