Inventory API

The connecting service provider (SP) should use Intentory API to send availability and restrictions and to send rates and inclusions to HotelRunner.

General Guidelines for Inventory Updates

These guidelines must be followed by all connecting service providers.

  • The inv_code can be found on the GetRoomList service response.

  • The SP should send only changes made by the operation performed in the SP and not full refreshes or other operations. For example if availability changes from 3 to 2, the update request should only contain the availability change and no other data/operation (such as Stop Sell or Min Stay).

  • When a property is initially connected to HotelRunner a full refresh should be sent to load up the hotel data. After that only changes should be send and refreshes may only be sent under exceptional circumstances. In the case of a full refresh, the operations should be grouped within the same message.

  • Identical changes in availability should be grouped when possible. I.e if the inventory value for a room changes to 5 for the dates 1st and 2nd of December then one message should be sent to HotelRunner with the inventory value 5 for the 1st and 2nd of December rather than 2 messages, one for each date.

  • Overlapping date range data is not to be sent in an Inventory message, all date ranges in a singular message should be unique for each room type.

  • The SP should be able to resend messages if it is unable to connect to HotelRunner due to for example schedules outages.

  • The PMS should be able to keep request and response logs. SP will be asked with log records on their support queries.