This endpoint is used to find the extras (products) of the hotel.



Query Parameters

Key Description
TOKEN Token generated for this integration on integration setup page
HR ID Hotel ID provided on integration setup page

Example: GET

The above request returns a JSON output like the following:

    "status": "success",
    "data": [
            "option_value": {
                "category_id": 1446,
                "name": "Toast",
                "unit": "Piece",
                "sales_department_id": 36,
                "revenue_account_id": 53,
                "category_name": "Restaurant",
                "unit_price": "7.0",
                "api_code": "HR:692",
                "extra_id": 692,
            "option_value": {
                "category_id": 1446,
                "name": "Cheese",
                "unit": "Kg",
                "sales_department_id": 36,
                "revenue_account_id": 61,
                "category_name": "Restaurant",
                "unit_price": "10.0",
                "api_code": "HR:1030",
                "extra_id": 1030,
    "currency": "TRY",
    "total_count": 2


Name Description
category_id ID of the extra's category
name Extra name
unit Extra unit
sales_department_id ID of the sales department of the extra
revenue_account_id ID of the revenue account of the extra
category_name Name of the extra's category
unit_price Unit price of the extra
api_code Extra ID with the "HR:" prefix to use for postings
currency Base currency of all extras
extra_id Extra ID