Error Handling

If the response contain an OTA message with an Error element then the update can not be processed because some data is invalid. This could be for example if required data is missing or if the credentials or hotel code is incorrect and the message will not process until the error is fixed. If the error is that required element or attributes are missing the implementation will need to be adjusted to send the required data. If the error is to do with credentials, check that the correct username/password is sent. If the error is an invalid hotel code, contact the hotel to make sure they are setup in HotelRunner to receive updates and/or export reservations.

If the response is a http error response code in the 500 range then it is expected that the connecting PMS will retry sending the updates until they are successfully delivered or a pre-defined timeout period is reached, for example example 30 minutes. In the case that an update cannot be delivered within the timeout period a problem case should be raised with HotelRunner support. For the live HotelRunner service you will be informed when there are scheduled outages.

OTA Error Warning Types

HotelRunner will use the following OTA error types from OTA Error Warning Type (EWT)

EWT Error Type Description
1 Unknown  Indicates an unknown error
3 Biz rule  Indicates that the XML message has passed a low-level validation check, but that the business rules for the request message were not met.
4 Authentications  Indicates the message lacks adequate security credentials
6 Authorization  Indicates the message lacks adequate security credentials
10 Required field missing  Indicates that an element or attribute that is missing from the message.
12 Processing exception  Indicates that during processing of the request that a not further defined exception occurred.

OTA Error Codes

HotelRunner will use the following OTA error types from OTA Error Codes (ERR)

ERR Error Code Description
375 Hotel not active  Hotel is not enabled to receive inventory updates
385 Invalid confirmation or cancellation number  Confirmation or cancellation number does not exist
392 Invalid hotel code  Hotel does not exist
249 Invalid rate code  Rate does not exist
402 Invalid room type  Room does not exist
783 Room or rate not found  Room and rate combination does not exist
448 System error  
450 Unable to process