Reservation API

HotelRunner will transfer reservations to a property management system (PMS) using both PULL and PUSH based model.


The PMS should use OTA_ReadRQ with a selection criteria to request reservations, modifications or cancellations and OTA_NotifReportRQ to confirm that a reservations, modifications or cancellations has been processed.

It is currently only possible to query undelivered reservations per hotel. Undelivered identifies all reservations, modifications or cancellations which have not been previously acknowledged with an OTA_NotifReportRQ message by the PMS.

The exchange involves 4 different messages:

1. Using the OTA_ReadRQ message, the PMS will request reservations, modifications or cancellations from HotelRunner. 2. Using the OTA_ResRetrieveRS message, HotelRunner will return reservations, modifications or cancellations which meets the requested criteria. 3. The PMS will process the response and send an OTA_NotifReportRQ with success or errors after processing. 4. HotelRunner will then respond with an OTA_NotifReportRS to acknowledge the receipt.

General Guidelines for Reservation Retrieval

These guidelines must be followed by all connecting property management systems.

* The PMS should not request reservations more often than every 5 minutes. * After the PMS has retrieved a reservation, modification or cancellation the PMS must send a notification message to HotelRunner to acknowledge that the reservation has been received. This message can notify HotelRunner either of successful processing or that the processing failed.

Availability (@BookingLimit) Updates after Reservation Delivery

HotelRunner will reduce inventory on reservations that pass via a hotel's Channel Manager (and are correctly mapped to the OTA).